Our values

A company’s success in outsourcing depends on its ability to attract and retain qualified specialists. We develop this value by creating a favorable working environment, providing opportunities for learning and professional growth, and establishing processes that facilitate the retention and transfer of knowledge and skills among staff.

Empathy and Human Centricity

We maintain our internal balance and external sense of direction through a stable moral compass: commitment to human dignity and centrality. To that end, we rely on the irreplaceable human quality of Empathy.

To our partners’ clients

empathy ensures that every instance of service we provide adds to their feeling of being understood, supported and well cared for.

To our partners

empathy ensures meaningful communication and mutual understanding which is our key to meet your business needs.

To our team

empathy ensures internal cohesion, consistent employee motivation, and sustainable personal and business growth.

Excellence and Perpetual Development

Our internal and external business conduct is shaped by our commitment to excellence and our perpetual desire to develop and grow. Nova is committed to providing hyper-contemporary solutions as set by the state of the art. However, once our partnership is set on track, our mission evolves into persistent growth, development, and innovation. For many of our services, this entails going an extra mile towards end client satisfaction.

Purposeful Profit

We are committed to social and environmental positive impact as we engage economically our local communities. Nova is in the game for the long run, and thus cannot afford to neglect issues of education, equality and the general well-being and sustainability of our planet and all life.

This commitment is aligned with our belief that social and environmental investment is not only the right thing to do, but the smart business choice to make. The future and well-being of our team, business and clients are all interdependent in the larger ecosystem within which we all exist. Thus, to sustain profit, values must also be sustained.

SDGs we align ourselves with

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