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We will attract new customers for your business by setting up communication channels and reaching out to potential buyers using the contact details you provide. Ready to start now?

why choose lead generation service from NOVA?

Complex lead generation

We generate leads using a pre-existing contact database provided by the client. We employ proven methods and effective communication channels to attract potential customers, which guarantees a quick and positive result.

CRM marketing and sales funnel

We implement CRM for lead accounting and return on investment (ROI) analysis. We are working to increase repeat sales and customer returns. We help you scale your business by developing CRM marketing.

Subscription fee + payment for leads

The subscription fee includes technical support, website development, selling texts and design, setting up contextual advertising (contextual advertising and media budget are not included in the pricing plans). Paying for leads is our motivation for results!

End-to-end analytics

We take into account only honest leads (without spam), as we analyze the conversion with a system of end-to-end analytics and call tracking. We constantly improve the conversion of the site and advertising channels.

Our Benefits

High responsibility

High responsibility

We work with your contact base, treating customer personal data responsibly. No spam. No manipulations. Only properly configured mailings, well-thought-out algorithms for phone conversations and other proven methods of attracting customers.

Efficiency and transparency

Efficiency and transparency

Before starting work on each task, we set clear goals. This allows you to confidently implement the strategy and give a measurable result. So you can see for yourself the effectiveness of the campaign. Each indicator will be available in our reports.

Fulfillment of obligations

Fulfillment of obligations

We take on those projects that we can implement. We do not make empty promises. But if we say that we are ready to give a certain result, you can be sure that this goal will be achieved. This is our proven work style.

Understanding processes

Understanding processes

Lead generation is a complex process. But we have experience and successful cases. Of course, we have an individual approach to each project. Therefore, we work focusing on the specific needs of the client and the characteristics of his target audience.

How It Works


One way to reach potential customers is to install forms on your website, such as call-back or consultation forms, subscription forms, or mailing lists. A customer’s request is often the first step towards making a purchase. We have ready-made solutions that have been thoroughly tested in real-world scenarios, and we have a proven track record of achieving high conversion rates using these tools.

Content marketing

Content marketing is a useful tool for building a company’s experience and reputation. Corporate blogs or publications on authoritative sites can help a company stand out from the competition. To collect a contact database, it’s important to set up a form. We will define a policy for attracting leads through these channels and ensure an effective result.

Social media

Relevant content, engaging potential customers in discussions, promptly responding to requests, and asking them to leave their email address are essential to generate leads on social media. FSocial Nerworks also offer the “Lead Generation” format, which enables people to fill out a form directly on the social network.

Email newsletters

Email newsletters and instant messengers can be useful for working with leads acquired through a website or Landing Page. At this stage, businesses can share more information about the product, address potential objections, personalize emails, and use automatic funnels and smart bots in social media messengers.

Our approach to Lead Generation

Lead generation is carried out by us in several stages. We evaluate the state of the landing page, conduct market analysis, and select the target audience. We choose the attraction tool that may interest buyers, highlight the resource among competitors. Based on this analysis, a lead generation channel is selected, advertising posts and mailing lists are launched.

After the end of the promotion, the customer receives a wide base of new customers. Its sales grow in 1-2 months (provided that the managers of the online store or corporate portal respond quickly to customer requests). You can order lead generation services on the NOVA website. To do this, fill out the application form on our website.

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