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The modern world of technology facilitates the opportunity to work from any corner of the world, therefore outsourcing processes are becoming more and more popular. In any firm, all related functions can be transferred to NOVA, including accounting, IT support, content administration, legal services, employee search and hiring, SMM, call centers and more.

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We have been working since 2008. During this time, specialists of the NOVA company have successfully implemented many projects. We have implemented the best global practices that ensure maximum efficiency of interaction with clients.


Service delivery methodologies proven over the years and a systematic approach to solving tasks ensure the formation of reliable and flexible business processes that provide excellent and timely service for these customers.


Our service is maximally adapted for small and medium-sized businesses, including the specifics of processes and pricing policy. Today, we offer our customers reliable and high-quality service, highly qualified staff and a developed support system with minimal response time.


We consider the professionalism of the team to be our main asset. That is why the company constantly conducts measures to improve the qualifications and certification of personnel. This approach allows the company’s specialists to always keep up with the development and improvement of new technological solutions.

We are recommended by our clients

We are proud that many of our corporate clients have developed together with us over the years of cooperation. We are glad that we were able to help them optimize business processes, meet modern economic challenges and be successful in the market.

Our key task is to ensure that your company works reliably and safely. We avoid the role of a simple executor, our task is to become a reliable partner for the client, on whom you can rely. We are grateful to our customers for the opportunity to improve.


Building Trust and Loyalty between Brands and Humans.


An experience where each and every person is important, supported, Anytime. Anywhere.

Advantages of Cooperating with NOVA


Outsourcing helps to solve strategic tasks, allowing companies to concentrate their resources on their core production, while delegating additional tasks to external specialists. In today’s market, it’s impractical or impossible for companies to have specialists from every area of expertise.

Cost minimization

Engaging NOVA outsourcing services minimizes employee costs for companies. By using external specialists, companies do not have to create additional, sometimes redundant, structures or increase the number of permanent employees. Transaction costs are also reduced, and companies can get well-trained specialists for a specified period of time without recruiting permanent staff.


Outsourcing services provide access to high-end technologies that would be expensive to maintain in-house. Having specialists from different fields on staff is costly, but modern equipment and software are essential in today’s business environment.

What opportunities does outsourcing from NOVA offer?

Our desire

Outsourcing is the word of the new age. This means “giving up” your everyday difficulties and problems and “receiving” ready-made, simple and effective solutions.

As an outsourcing company, we take away your problems and give you exactly the result you expect.

We strive to give you the opportunity to focus on the strategic development of your business, the creation of new products, creativity, promotion strategy or team motivation. And while you conquer the world, we will take care of all the related routine tasks.

The values of our company

Boosting the growth of your business with reliable outsourcing services


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